A Bankruptcy Law Firm That Wants The Best For You

At Benson Law Firm in Cleveland, Ohio, our practice is devoted to helping people with debt relief issues. We use tools such as Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy as well as alternatives to bankruptcy and foreclosure to help them overcome financial hardships and get back on stable financial footing.

We take pride in our work because of the positive influence it has on our clients. We can truly help them turn their lives around by either filing bankruptcy or finding alternatives to foreclosure and other debt issues. That is an opportunity and an obligation we take seriously.

"I had many early examples of people who were doing work that helped people achieve their goals. My father is a lawyer. My grandfather was a banker in this area. My mother is a retired urban affairs professor who worked in real estate development. That made a difference to me. I genuinely like my clients, and I genuinely love my job."

- Attorney David M. Benson

Attorney David M. Benson founded Benson Law Firm in 2004 after an already notable career in general civil litigation and an upbringing that immersed him in issues related to the field of law. To learn more about Mr. Benson's career experience, follow the link below, or contact our office in Cleveland to arrange a no-fee consultation.

Helping Individuals And Organizations In Cleveland And Across Ohio

Beyond his commitment to his clients, Mr. Benson has been active in many charitable and business organizations in the Cleveland area and beyond, including the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

When you contact us, you will be working with a lawyer who is committed to your case from start to finish. Reach our office online via email or call 216-800-8057 to arrange a no-fee, no-obligation consultation today.